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Vitroff - a new generation of software to manage translation projects

Features of the translation project management system

The list of Vitroff system features will help you understand the functionality of your purchase. This list is not final, since we are constantly working to make improvements. If you are a current user, you can contact us, about adding other features. Keep in mind that updates for the translation project management system are free for one year from date of purchase.


General system administation

Search for order by ID Yes No
Search for order by customer's last name Yes No
Search for order by translator's last name Yes No
Transmission of customer/translator email Yes No
Automatic generation of email to the translators / customers Yes No
Preview generated letters before sending Yes No
Unlimited number of language pairs Yes Yes
Unlimited number of translators Yes Yes
Manage order statistics (quantity and earnings for the month/year) Yes No
Manage order statistics by focus and type Yes No
Manage order statistics by language pairs Yes No
Display statistical averages for the entire period Yes No
Manage financial statistics by clients/translators Yes No
View a list of this month's birthdays Yes No
Set fee schedule Yes No
Set the price per word Yes Yes
Attach order status template to email Yes No
Edit template letters Yes No
Edit fee schedule Yes Yes
Edit payment methods Yes No
Set the number of items in the list of tabs Yes No
Ability to change the master password for the system Yes Yes

Viewing orders

Page-by-page list of orders Yes Yes
Unique color scheme for current and past orders Yes No
Unique color scheme for payment status of orders/employees Yes No
Display hints about the customer/interpreter/order by hovering the mouse cursor Yes No
Filter orders by type and status Yes Yes
Display order status Yes No
Generate and print postal label for sending the order to the customer Yes No

Adding / editing orders

Restrict the choice of translators according to linguistic pair Yes No
Specify discount Yes No
Assign primary user to the project (e.g. translator) Yes No
Assign secondary user to the project (e.g. editor) Yes No
Download an unlimited amount of files to the order Yes No
Automatically attach the downloaded files to an email to the translator Yes No
Set order deadline Yes No
Select and configure order status Yes Yes
Select a language pair Yes Yes
Select subject matter of translation Yes Yes
Specify the number of words/symbols Yes No
Specify the calculated price of the order Yes No
Specify the actual amount received by the customer Yes Yes
Feasibility to specify a price per word Yes Yes
Instructions for certified/notarized translation Yes No
Mailing instructions for the translation Yes No
Separate field for specific instructions given by the customer Yes Yes
Field for manager's comments on the order Yes No
Set the deadline and the cost per word for the translation and proofreading Yes No
Save an intermediate version of the translation Yes No

Adding / editing translators

Select the type of payment system for settlements Yes No
IM Support: Skype, ICQ, AOL IM, etc Yes No
Specify language pair Yes Yes
Specify the base rate per word Yes No
View the number of orders completed by the translator Yes No
View the total amount paid to the translator Yes No
Display amount owed to translator Yes No
Display information about the last/current order Yes No
Display statistics: average price per word, average price for translation, word count Yes No
Send text message via Internet Yes No

Adding / editing managers

Unlimited number of managers Yes No
Change manager's password Yes Yes
Manager's signature for emails Yes No


HTTPS (SSL) support Yes No
Data backup Yes No
Attachments backup Yes No
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